Eastern Greenland

We visited eastern Greenland when doing a combined trip to Iceland and eastern Greenland. First stop was Kulsuk. Kulusuk is an island and a small settlement with around three hundred people. We entered Zodiac boats to take us from the ship to the shore. We visited the school and the local museum. I got the opportunity to discuss topics related to Greenland today with one of the teachers. This was one of the highlights of the trip.

Kuummiut was an even smaller settlement. The inuits living there were almost more curious about us than we where about them. Tasiilaq is the biggest settlement on eastern Greenland. In Tasiilaq we did a walk in a nice area and enjoyed the scenic mountain views.

Heading southwest for Isoctoq which is a remote community some hour sailing south of Tassilaq. We saw drifting iceberg, many of them higher than twenty to thirty meters. From distance we also saw some of the the glaciers covering the majority of the surface of Greenland.