Photos taken 2009 from a roundtrip in Brazil visiting Salvador, Brasilia, Amazonas, Foz de Igazu and Rio. Before crossing the atlantic we had a stopover in Lisabon.

Salvador was the first capital of Brazil with roots from the slave trade still visible in people and culture. Brasilia is the current capital of Brazil created in the geographical center of Brazil and in the middle of the jungle. Very interesting project and architecture.

We flew to Manaus which is the regional center of Amazonas. We spend some days in the jungle learning a lot of intersting things about rainforest flora and fauna. We also got the opportunity to visit the fantastic operabuilding in Manaus which is actually a copy of the opera house in Paris.

Foz de Igazu is one of the three main waterfalls in the world located on the boarder between Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Last stop in Brazil and my personal reason for the journey was Rio. Located on the slope of the mountains with fantastic view of the sea it is hard to beat by any other city I have visited. Also off course we found some music clubs with bossa and other music.

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