Buthan trip was part of a longer Himalya trip that included Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal. From Bagdora in India we flew to the main airport in Bhutan, Paro. The inflight is known to be one of the most risky inflights in the world. Happily I did not know until we got back home. Bhutan is very different from India and Nepal partly due to beeing a closed country to the outside world for a long period of time.

Current king, fifth in order, seems to be popular and tries to keep a balance between maintaining the traditional Bhutanese values while at the same time open up for influences from the world outside Bhutan. Buthan have introduced a measurement of Gross National Happines instead of the more common BNP to also take people well being into concideration.

The society is influenced from fundamentals in Tibetan Buddhism, traditions and beliefs (e.g. manifested by decoration of many houses with dildos to support fertility rate) and modern legislation e.g. homosexuality and smoking of tobacco is strictly forbidden in Bhutan. We visited some different Dongz (fotresses) and did some spectacular walks such as the 5-6 h rountrip up to Tiger nest located on 3200 m.