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The purpose of the trip was to learn  more about the regions and the people south of Himalaya living in the Sikkim region of northeast part of India, Bhutan and Kathmandu area of Nepal. Tibetan Bhuddism has strong influence in all the regions above..

Fredrik Kronkvist – Afro Cuban Supreme

I am a great fan of Fredrik Kronkvist of his music and his sound. Also this concert presented the new album Afro Cuban Supreme, presenting music by Dizzy Gillespie and John Coltrane which are also some of my absolute favorite artists and composers so this was definitely a concert to experience.  Fredrik played together with Miriam Aïda (vcl), Jason Marsalis (dms) Eliel Lazo (congas) Martin Sjöstedt (pi) and Johnny Åman (base) at Tivoli in Helsingborg.

Autumn in Helsingborg

Helsingborg is my hometown and there are many things that makes this city attractive to many people. One of them are the location close to Öresund, small sound between Sweden and Denmark but also the parks of Helsingborg. Close to where I live is Pålsjö forest that is most beautiful during spring and autumn. Here are some photos taken a sunny October day when leaves start turning into yellow and red.