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The purpose of the trip was to learn  more about the regions and the people south of Himalaya living in the Sikkim region of northeast part of India, Bhutan and Kathmandu area of Nepal. Tibetan Bhuddism has strong influence in all the regions above..


We have heard a lot of positive things about Croatia so we did want to find out what was it all about. We also had an  anniversary to celebrate together with rest of the family so we agreed early to  combine some sightseeing and sailing.

To experience more than just the coastline we started of in Zagreb. I is a nice city with most parts within walking distance.


Some years ago I had the opportunity to visit Prague but only having the time for one day to look around. I also wanted to show Prague to my wife so we decided on short notice to take an extended weekend trip to rediscover Prague. The weather was acceptable for walking around and there was probably less turists compared to high season. Anyhow we had an intense weekend with a lot of walking and time to visit pubs, restaurants, museums, jazz clubs and beautiful buildings (as you can see on photos below).