Some years ago I had the opportunity to visit Prague but only having the time for one day to look around. I also wanted to show Prague to my wife so we decided on short notice to take an extended weekend trip to rediscover Prague. The weather was acceptable for walking around and there was probably less turists compared to high season. Anyhow we had an intense weekend with a lot of walking and time to visit pubs, restaurants, museums, jazz clubs and beautiful buildings (as you can see on photos below).

Old town, here in evening light, is the place to be if you want to socialize.  Here you find the astronomical clock and numerous street musicians.

Obecní dům is the Municipal House of Prague. House is built in Art Nouveau style and it includes restaurants, cafe, bar and a concert hall.

There are  a number of exclusive shops and hotels close to the Municipal house. The Palladium shopping arcade is a modern shopping mall.

Old town contains many buildings that have been restored after second world war. Some of them having very beautiful facades.

River Moldau divides Prague into two halves. On the western part you find the Prague Castle and some nice old quarters.

Kampa art museum have interesting exhibitions such as arty designed shoes. Close bye is also the Franz Kafka museum if you are a dedicated fan of him. If not you can visit the Lennon wall also close bye. Main attractions on the art scene in Prague is David Cerney´s installations that you can find several places in Prague. The Babies you can find outside Kampa museum but also on the TV tower. The Pissing men are located just outside the Franz Kafka museum. Further down you can also see the Franz Kafkas rotating head.

Charles bridge use to be a crowdy place and the Saturday we tried to force the bridge was no exception.

We also got the time to visit two of the more famous jazz clubs in Prague. Jazz club Reduta offered a traditional Big band music and Agharta offered a quintett with more experimental and modern music.  Both bands were very professional and inspiring.

We also visited the Jewish cementary which highlighted an important part of Prague history.

As in all cities it is just fun to walk around and study people and find nice pubs, cafe’s and restaurants.

As you might understand I am  fond of the art Nouveau buildings which there is a lot of in Prague. Grand hotel Europa is under restoration and Hotel central is very elegantly renovated as you can see below.

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