Category: Jazz

Nocni Optika

When visiting Prague during a November weekend we enjoyed two Czechoslovakian jazz groups; Bohemia Big Band performing at Reduta jazz club and Nocni Optika at Agharta jazz club. Here are some pictures from the Nocni Optika concert. Nocni Optika plays modern experimental jazz music with lot of influences from also other genres outside jazz. Exciting music performed by very professional musicians.

Fredrik Kronkvist – Afro Cuban Supreme

I am a great fan of Fredrik Kronkvist of his music and his sound. Also this concert presented the new album Afro Cuban Supreme, presenting music by Dizzy Gillespie and John Coltrane which are also some of my absolute favorite artists and composers so this was definitely a concert to experience.  Fredrik played together with Miriam Aïda (vcl), Jason Marsalis (dms) Eliel Lazo (congas) Martin Sjöstedt (pi) and Johnny Åman (base) at Tivoli in Helsingborg.


Oddjob is one of the best jazzbands in Sweden combining swedish folk tradition, excellent jazz musicians and a touch of humor. Taking photos in concert hall light is allways difficult but I think my Fujifilm X20 did a decent job.