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A visit to London was a good opportunity to test my new Fuji X20 in action. First day I did a late afternoon walk in Bayswater and Notting hill. Second day I spend most of the day strolling in Shoreditch (east London) before getting back to hotel via Hyde park and Photographers gallery.

Bretagne and Normandie

Visit to Bretagne and Normandie 2011 included some good wine and seafood. Started of some days in St Malo and also looking at the remains of the D-day. Then going to the outer tip of Bretagne where we stayed for some days eating and enjoying the gifts from the sea. Then going back eastward to Loir and Champagne district that offered even more good food and drinking.


Here are photos taken from a trip in Scotland including visit to Isle of Arran, Oban, Isle of Skye, Iona, Edinbourgh. Isle of Arrand has been marketed as a miniature of Scotland and can definitely be recomended. You do not have to go to Islay to find Whiskey. We tasted fine Whiskey all over Scotland. Staying in Oban we had a magnificant view of the sea entrance of the city. We took a one-day excursion to Iona and visited the old chapel and monstery. Sky is definitely worth some days including the picturesque Portree with the coloured houses. Highlands and Edinburough was the final destination before heading home.